E.S City Planning and Consulting Ltd. Co. starts project planning and time management

October 1, 2014 1 comment

I have been dealing with projects for many years, and trying to manage my time and my employees time as well. Time is the keyword for an effective work for businesses. Managing it is not an easy task.

With Timetac; me and my team started to manage time which started two years ago. TimeTac is an effective way to manage employee time tracking, project and task based time tracking.

We shaked hands with TimeTac GmbH for about 2 months ago and started to work hard. First we started with translating the interface to  Turkish then our first client E.S. City Planning and Consulting Ltd. Co. requested this project for an effective time management within company. We had three hours session practice with them and they were so successful on understanding how to manage projects with Timetac. Thanks to this great team!


EU Digital Agenda 2020 – Workgroups

Today we have started a workgroup at “Informatics Association of Turkey”. I have met with President Mr. Turhan Menteş and Ankara branch President M. Kemal Nalçacı. I have discussed some local IT sector issues with them. At 18:00 our workgroup “IT Service and Asset Inventory” started we have talked about the catalog items in IT inventory, IT Services, Purchasing types in industry and so on… Thanks to our workgroup president Mr. Cahit İleri, he brought together a great workgroup! This workgroup will be working to prepare a report until 2020 as a European Union FrameWork Program, good luck team! 🙂

Pointed General Secretary at (TOSYOV) Turkish Foundation for Small and Medium Business / Bodrum

I have been really surprised by the phones that my friends calling me from worldwide and asking me why i am not writing to my english blog? They are from Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Germany… Today i have remotivated myself about continuing this blog reagain 🙂

I have many news from my side but the last one is we had a plenary session for TOSYOV-Turkish Foundation for Small and Medium Business-Muğla/Bodrum Branch at Maya Hotel Bodrum at the date 02.02.2014. I have been selected to board of management and appointed as General Secretary for the association/foundation. The main target for the association is to improve small businesses, to support entrepreneurs.

TOSYOV is the leading small businesses association/foundation in Turkey and one of the oldest and the most known small business support foundation in Turkey.

Managing IT, How?

You guys in IT already know break fix models and managed services models. As GM Technologies, i was always trying to lead managed it services thru my customers. But when trying to do this we were always trying to follow the best practices in IT service models…

Ooopss! Best practice what you mean?

ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITIL is the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management in the World. Provides a practical, no-nonsense framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to the business.

Adopting ITIL can offer users a huge range of benefits that include:

  • Improved IT Services
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction through a more Professional approach to service delivery
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved use of skills and experience
  • Improved delivery of third party services

So what is the relation with this post?

I have attended 3 day ITIL Foundation Course at the dates 24-25-26 April at İstanbul / Küçükyalı Centrum Professional Meeting Rooms. Our instructor was Gülden Kıyıcı ITIL Expert, Certified ISO 20000 Consultant. This course was the most instructive course that i have attended within the last years. I have really amazed with the way that how ITIL manages IT.

The end?

Yes i have entered ITIL Foundation V3 Exam and successully passed. But this is just the beginning, prior back to Bodrum, GM Technologies i started creating IT service catalogs, i want to fully implement ITIL to my company, i know this takes but does not seems impossible…!

BİMY 20, Informatics is Cash

By the help of the main sponsor TBD – Informatics Association of Turkey, this year BİMY Seminar is organized at Antalya, Gloria Golf Resort. At 4-7 April, also the great weather of Antalya welcomed us.

This year, twentieth of BİMY was organized. The main thema was “Informatics is Cash”. Great presenters and speakers supported the seminar like Serdar Salepçioğlu (NETSAFE CEO), Onur Takmak (RHEA President and Co-Founder), Levent Kızıltan (Eczacıbaşı IT Systems Group President), Zeynep Keskin (SAP Turkey General Manager), Gamze Aydın (Teradata CEO) and many more…

Mr. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications opened the seminar with video conferencing from İstanbul Ministry Office. After opening Turhan Menteş continued as TBD Minister.

The main concept of this seminar was to maintain relationship of IT Executives in C positions, while trying to cover new ideas in IT and Internet concepts, with big discussions. The ideal concepts spinned around BIG DATA and how will Internet affect cash usage.

I have fully enjoyed a half holiday half seminar days while talking with C class representatives from Netsafe, Netaş, Oracle and SAP.

I wish to write this blog many weeks ago but as you got we are very very busy in these days…

Check out a few photos from BİMY 2013

Long time…

Bilgi İşlem Merkezi Yöneticileri 2013

ITIL Foundation

Tesan İletişim Bodrum

Axis Bodrum

Hi to everybody i have been paying attention to seminars and certifications for over 2 months;
This busy trip has started with a huge event BİMY 2013 that hosted in Antalya / Gloria Golf Resort at 4-7 April. BİMY means IT Executives Managers so the seminar is all related with the emerging internet Technologies like cloud and big data. I will be mentioning this at my next post
After this i’ve been to İstanbul, at dates 24,25,26 April. This was for ITIL Foundation course and exam entrance. By the way iam an ITIL Foundation Certified right now 🙂
At 9 May, TESAN Communications Turkey helded a Synergy meeting in İzmir / Turkey. They presented a new IT product lines from QNAP, NET-SAFE, LILIN and many more….
And today 14 May, where i am writing this blog from Atatürk Airport / İstanbul, i have successfully completed Axis Registered Partner requirements by entering two day continuous course program that hosted on Windowist Towers / İstanbul…

So lets start with BİMY 2013…check out my next post

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Mobile Device Management on our systems…

December 26, 2012 Leave a comment

With the late 2012 our systems are trying to entegrate new mobile device management systems thru out our customer… Check out this blow few days later im gonna provide some detailed information about how GM Technologies manage mobile devices…

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management